I’m Kiefer, a Product Designer based in Toronto. I help design apps, digital products, and websites.

Currently a Digital Product Designer @ Air Canada
A young asian male headshot wearing a black and green collar shirt.


Product Strategy

Conducting workshops and discovery sessions to identify and develop tailored solutions that provide business value.

UX Research

Understanding how users interact with your product on a practical, functional level, and observing how easily they can complete their tasks and meet their goals.

Interaction Design

Crafting intuitive, consistent, and engaging user experiences through wireframing and design systems.

Development Knowledge

Leveraging technical knowledge and collaborating with developers to bridge the gap between design concepts and implementations.


"Working with Kiefer, you’ll experience a rare combination of talent, deep curiosity, and unparalleled execution. He’s level headed and versatile, and can participate in thoughtful debate on just about any topic. Any UX, Design, or technology team would be insanely lucky and privileged to have this wonderful human on their team."

Danny Elkhoury
Partner @ Anyday Inc

“He brought a new lens to the team with his knowledge of UX principles and research which enabled him to effectively design high fidelity screens. His straight to the point communication, UX and technical knowledge were amazing assets to our team."

Jessica Jendres
Design Lead @ Anyday Inc

"Kiefer brings a strong suite of fundamental skills in digital media production and demonstrates a memorable, distinctive visual style to every project he creates, yet he continues to hunger for more challenges."

Chris Kim
Developer & Research Engineer