Regain confidence and control over your subscriptions.

Product Design
A close up photo of black person holding an iPhone with the Subbox dashboard screen.

The Problem

As subscriptions become a prominent business model for today’s digital services, tracking and managing our subscriptions have become frustrating. After initial research and conducting a survey, I identified these problem areas:

  • Identifying subscriptions

  • Tracking subscription expenses

  • Subscription billing

The Solution

I created a persona based off the initial research and survey results. This helped shaped the theme of “regaining confidence and control over subscriptions.” I then did a competitive audit with existing subscription management platforms.

Personas for Subbox.
Competitive audit.

Competitor features were limited behind a paywall and managing subscriptions were done manually. By identifying these gaps, I was able to address the problem areas into functional features.

  • Identifying subscriptions → View all subscriptions in one place

  • Tracking subscription expenses → View overall subscription expenses

  • Subscription billing → Billing reminders

Final Solution

A subscription management app that enables users to confidently track subscriptions by viewing all their subscriptions, get billing reminders, and edit subscriptions.

I mapped out a user flow which would enable users to input their email, and all subscriptions associated with that email would automatically be pulled into the app. I consulted with a developer and had to revise the flow due to technology limitations.

Initial User Flow
Revised User Flow


This project helped me use a more user-centric approach, utilize a competitve audit to identify design gaps, and collaborate alongside developers to achieve feasible solutions. Next steps would be to test the design and iterate with feedback.

A mockup of various mobile screen designs for the Subbox app.
Musicverse Mobile Screens
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