A Filipino male sitting on a couch working on their laptop.

Product Designer
Music maker
Bubble tea lover

Hi, I’m Kiefer (key-fur), a Product Designer with almost half a decade of experience working with companies to design better experiences for their customers.

I believe design — alongside technology and research — has the capacity to improve business, society, and the human condition. Designing a good experience is not just a requirement, it’s a deeper responsibility to the people we serve and the relationships we build.

I am a specialist in User Research and Interaction Design, however I have experience in all aspects for the design process from research, discovery through to design and production.

In my free time, I'm a collector of hobbies but the ones I show most love to are making music, drinking bubble tea, watching anime, and going to the gym.

I’m always willing to connect and have a chat. kv.ortuoste@gmail.com

Awards & Recognitions
Experimental Innovation Award - 2022 | George Brown College
Panelist - 2022 | YES! Panel: Design at the Intersection of Accessibility & Inclusion
RGD Creative Innovations Student Award Honourable Mention - 2022 | RGD

My Values

Life Learner

The world moves fast and there’s so much to learn out there. It’s my responsibility to stay informed and relevant.


Working to share knowledge, experience, and expertise. It’s my responsibility to openly collaborate and communicate with team members to work effectively and efficiently.

Be Human

Being human is to understand humans. In a world full of technology, it’s my responsibility to empathize with people to make digital experiences more human.

Balance Needs

At the end of the day, what we design impacts people and businesses. It’s my responsibility as a designer to see that both ends are satisfied.